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Window Shade Reviews – Thoughts on Cellular Shades & Window Treatments

Window Shade Reviews is dedicated to providing reviews regarding current products in the current window treatment market. Due to the the energy efficient properties associated with cellular (also known as honeycomb) shades, we’ve specifically reviewed and rated these shades. Being an avid fan of soft window treatments, we’ve had the opportunity purchase a significant amount of cellular window treatments in our years. Being the “do it yourself types” we’d rather pay a fraction of the cost and purchase our shades online, then pay for white glove service through a local dealer.

While cellular shades are inherently durable, soft and long lasting, we enjoy purchasing new shades on a regular basis to test out their performance and insulating proprieties. As a self-proclaimed “energy efficiency” fanatics, we thoroughly enjoy  testing R-Values to see which shades insulate the best. Insulating honeycomb shades not only will help you save money during the wintertime, they even cut energy costs during the summer time! How is that? Well in the winter, window shades act as a barrier between your home and the cold glass, preventing heat from escaping and further reducing your consumption of electricity and fossil fuel. In the summertime, they keep the cool air from escaping, which helps cut down the workload of your air conditioning unit.

One of the main reasons we started this website is because many consumers are misinformed and have had poor experiences purchasing their cellular shades and window treatments. No two shades are created equal and it shows through some of our past experience. We’ve also rated cellular window treatment manufacturers  based on the performance of their cellular fabrics. Most (if not all) of the online retailers that we work with purchase their fabrics from the manufacturers, then produce the rest of the cellular shade with its components from their facility.


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